Wednesday 7th October15.00 - 17.00h
Sewing with the Masters

Perfect your techniques during a private , 20-minute live scope session with a Master of microsurgery.

Facuty: G. Pons

Venue: Sala 1

Registration is required. Please contact

Wednesday 7th October11.00 - 11.30h (coffee break symposium)
Photoacoustic 3D visualization system for high-resolution imaging of human vessels

Faculty: Yasufumi Asao

Venue: Sala 1

Thursday 8th October13.00 - 14.00h (lunch break symposium)
The importance of ICG Fluorescence Imaging in Breast Surgery

Facuty: S. Suominen / G. Pons / B. Baican

Venue: Sala 1

Friday 9th October13.00 - 14.00h (lunch break symposium)
Negative pressure wound therapy, a tool to improve outcomes in breast reconstruction

Facuty: J. Masià

Venue: Sala 1