Moderators: E. Santamaria / S. Suominen
Rules for the presentation: 4 minutes presentation +2 minutes discussion

These are the selected free-papers to be presented at the Conference room:

Moderators: J. Farhadi / C. Garusi
Rules for the presentation: 4 minutes presentation +2 minutes discussion

These are the selected free-papers to be presented at Sales Polivalents – 2nd floor:

14.00 – 14.06h:

Name: Eleonora De Antoni
Organization: Clinic of Plastic Surgery

Paper title: Psychological impact of post-mastectomy breast reconstruction

14.07 – 14.13h:

Name: Nadine Hillberg
Organization: Zuyderland Hospital, Sittard, The Netherlands

Paper title: Delay of adjuvant radiotherapy due to postoperative complications after oncoplastic breast conserving surgery

14.14 – 14.20h:

Name: Jop Beugels
Organization: Maastrich University Medical Center

Paper title: Nerve coaptation improves the sensory recovery of the breast following DIEP flap breast reconstruction

14.21 – 14.27h:

Name: Alison Hunter-Smith
Organization: Bristol breast Care Unit, North Bristol NHS Trust, Bristol, United Kingdom.

Paper title: Pre-pectoral Acellular Dermal Matrix (ADM) breast reconstruction – A first look at patient reported outcomes

14.28 – 14.34h:

Name: Luca Fabiocchi
Organization: Breast Surgery, Santarcangelo di Romagna (Rimini) AUSL della Romagna

Paper title: Reverse expansion in breast reconstruction after Nipple Spaing Mastectomy (NSM) an affective, simple and safe breast reconstruction tecnique with austologous tessute

14.35 – 14.41h:

Name: Anna Vanesyan
Organization: Clinical càncer Center of Tatarstan

Paper title: New ways of dissection of internal mammary vessels for the breast reconstruction

14.42 – 14.48h:

Name: Alexandra Conde-Green
Organization: Hackensack University Medical center

Paper title: Tripedicled extended abdominal perforator flap: An alternative for low body weight patients requiring large autologous bilateral breast reconstruction

14.49 – 14.55h:

Name: Marco Borsetti
Organization: Department of Plastic, Hand and Microsurgery, Asl Città di Torino, Maria Vittoria Hospital

Paper title: The principle of rotation advancement flap for repair of unilateral cleft lip: A reproducible method to solve upper lateral dislocation of nipple areolar complex.

14.56 – 15.02h:

Name: Hyun Ho Han
Organization: Department of Plastic Surgery, Asan Medical Center

Paper title: Volume change in the rectus abdominis muscle after DIEP Flap harvest

15.03 – 15.09h:

Name: Vladimir Ivashkov
Organization: Russian cancer research center

Paper title: Using a submentalis lymphatic flap for secondary arm lymphedema treatment

14.00 – 14.06h:

Name: Yew Loong Loo
Organization: University College London, Royal Free London NHS Trust

Paper title: Comparing the outcome of different biologically derived acellular dermal matrices in implant based immediate breast reconstruction: A Meta-analysis of the literature

14.07 – 14.13h:

Name: Jana Joethy
Organization: Singapore General Hospital

Paper title: Microdebrider and histopathology in fat necrosis and siliconomas

14.14 – 14.20h:

Name: Kavita Sharma
Organization: Canniesburn Plastic Surgery Unit

Paper title: High versus low volume fat transfer in breast reconstruction: Outcomes from a single centre

14.21 – 14.27h:

Name: Hera Asad
Organization: The Cambridge Breast Unit, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Cambridge, UK

Paper title: An evaluation of ultrasound guided vacuum-assisted excisions of breast lesions

14.28 – 14.34h:

Name: Lopa patel
Organization: Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham, UK

Paper title: The breast reduction and aesthetic surgery training (BREAST) simulator

14.35 – 14.41h:

Name: Alberto Cesar Hodara
Organization: Clínica Da Vinci

Paper title: Liacyr Ribeiro security retail modified by Silveira Netto projection of breast upper pole in mammoplasty: Alive prosthesis.

14.42 – 14.48h:

Name: Peter Jackson
Organization: Wyss Zurich

Paper title: Micro-structured bacterial cellulose coating results in a significant reduction in capsule formation around silicone gel breast implants

14.49 – 14.55h:

Name: Vincenzo Vindigni
Organization: Clinic of Plastic Surgery

Paper title: Combined refining of upper abdominal laxity and breast deformity with reverse abdominoplasty

14.56 – 15.02h:

Name: Ya-Wei Lai
Organization: Kaohsiung Municipal Ta-Tung Hospital, Kaohsiung Medical University

Paper title: Single-stage augmentation mastopexy in massive weight loss patients in Asian

15.03 – 15.09h:

Name: Yara Bachour
Organization: Department of Plastic, Reconstructive and Hand Surgery, VU University Medical Center, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Paper title: No association between presence of bacteria and capsular contracture


Key dates:
  • Abstract submission deadline: 15th February 2018
  • Notification of acceptance: 22th February 2018
  • Power point presentation delivery: When you reach the meeting
Format requirements:

All abstracts should be written in English (300 words) and sent in Word format with the title of the abstract as the file name, using the form at the bottom of this page.

All margins should be set at 2,5 cm.

Please avoid using headers and footnotes. The citation number of bibliographical references in text must be enclosed in square brackets [1]. Maximum 5 citations should be enclosed. A list of the reference should be given at the end of the paper.

Parts and format for the presented document:

  • Abstract title: Arial, 14-point, bold, centered
  • Authors name(s): Arial, 12-point, bold, centered
  • Name of the Institution: Arial, 10-point, normal, centered
  • Abstract content (maximum of 300 words): Arial, 10-point, normal, fully justified. Please, do not place any additional blank lines between paragraphs.

*All the documents that are not following these format requirements will be automatically rejected from the selection process.