Hot topics in oncology, reconstructive and breast aesthetic surgery:
  • New surgical strategies after neo-adjuvant therapy
  • Breast conservation versus mastectomy
  • New education programs in breast surgery: building a new speciality
  • Defining priorities for breast cancer surgery research
  • Breast implant associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma (BIA-ALCL)
  • Radiotherapy in breast cancer: outcomes, limitations and innovations
  • Secondary oncoplastic surgery: how to correct bad BCT results
  • Approaching the future in implant surgery
  • The sensate breast reconstruction: fiction or reality
  • New exotic flaps for breast reconstruction
  • How to prevent major complications in autologous breast reconstruction
  • How to solve major complicactions in solve implant breast reconstruction
  • The natural breast enlargement
  • Lipofilling limitations and new trends
  • Latest surgical approach for breast ptosis
Workshops and parallel symposiums for individual teaching!
Live and video surgery to learn all tricks and tips in the newest techniques!


Jaume Masià

Jian Farhadi

Elena Rodríguez Bauza

Local Organizing Committee:
  • Debora Bernárdez
  • Manuel Fernández
  • Jonathan Forigua
  • Claudia Liuzza
  • Gemma Pons
  • Susana López
  • Leyre Olivares
  • Jordi Riba
  • Elena Rodríguez Bauza
  • Lídia Sánchez-Porro
  • Jose Sarria
  • Carmen Vega
  • Paul Zamora
Invited Speakers:
  • Christoph Andree (Germany)
  • Andrew Baildam (UK)
  • Yoav Barnea (Israel)
  • Phillip Blondeel (Belgium)
  • Leena Chagla (UK)
  • Roy de Vita (Italy)
  • Efterpy Demiri (Greece)
  • Ivica Ducic (USA)
  • Jian Farhadi (UK)
  • Cristina Garusi (Italy)
  • Moustapha Hamdi (Belgium)
  • Zaher Jandali (Germany)
  • Hanjo Kim (South Korea)
  • Jaroslaw Krupa (UK)
  • Marjut Leidenius (Finland)
  • Nicolas Leymarie (France)
  • Patrick Mallucci (UK)
  • Robert E Mansel (UK)
  • Maurice Nahabedian (USA)
  • Daisuke Nakamura (Japan)
  • Luis Perin (Brazil)
  • Stefano Pompei (Italy)
  • Alberto Rancati (Argentina)
  • Mahdi Rezai (Germany)
  • Marzia Salgarello (Italy)
  • Joao Carlos Sampaio Goes (Brazil)
  • Eric Santamaria (Mexico)
  • Benjamin Sarfati (France)
  • Aldona Spiegel (USA)
  • Sinikka Suominen (Finland)
  • Koenraad Van Landuyt (Belgium)
  • Oong Hyuk Yim (South Korea)
  • Yixin Zhang (China)


The Breast Barcelona Meeting will be held in English with available simultaneous translation into Spanish.