We are still working on our scientific programme, meanwhile we can assure that you will find…

Hot topics in oncology, reconstructive and breast aesthetic surgery
Workshops and parallel symposiums for individual teaching
Live and video surgery to learn all tricks and tips in the newest techniques
And much more!


Jaume Masià & Jian Farhadi

Elena Rodríguez Bauza

Local Organizing Committee:
Congress Secretariat:
  • Debora Bernárdez
  • Manuel Fernández
  • Jonathan Forigua
  • Erik Andree Ibarra Estupiñán
  • Gemma Pons
  • Susana López
  • Leyre Olivares
  • Jordi Riba
  • Elena Rodríguez Bauza
  • Lídia Sánchez-Porro
  • Jose Sarria
  • Carmen Vega
  • Paul Zamora
  • Elena Mohedano
  • Anna Roca
Invited Speakers:
  • Williams Adams (USA)
  • Christoph Andree (Germany)
  • Claudio H. Angrigiani (Argentina)
  • Sühan Ayan (Turkey)
  • Yoav Barnea (Israel)
  • Phillip Blondeel (Belgium)
  • Edward Buchel (Canada)
  • Leena Chagla (UK)
  • Minas Chrysopoulo (USA)
  • Roy De Vita (Italy)
  • Joseph Disa (USA)
  • Viviana Galimberti (Italy)
  • Karen Horton (USA)
  • John Kim (USA)
  • Tibor Kovacs (UK)
  • Bernard T. Lee (USA)
  • Nicolas Leymarie (France)
  • Patrick Mallucci (UK)
  • Stephen McCulley (UK)
  • Nakamura (Japan)
  • James D. Namnoum (USA)
  • Dung Nguyen (USA)
  • Jenny Rusby (UK)
  • Eric Santamaria (Mexico)
  • Fabio Santanelli (Italy)
  • Sinnika Suominen (Finland)
  • Koenraad Van Landuyt (Belgium)
  • Liza Wu (USA)


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We have teamed up with Barcelona Breast Meeting to offer a 25% discount for all those attending both LBM 2018 and BBM 2019.

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