Before the meeting

The WSLS-BBM organization has implemented several strategies to maintain a healthy environment during the WSLS-BBM.

If you are not feeling well and think you may have COVID-19, please do not travel and seek medical attention immediately.

If your country’s prevention measures require it, we will offer the possibility of taking a fast Covid-19 test after the meeting, in order to avoid the quarantine once you are back home.

COVID-19 test required

Covid-19 testing (48 h before the day of the meeting) will be required in order to register for the WLSL/BBM.

If you cannot be tested in your country, we can provide a list of different places in Barcelona where you can take the test. Make sure that you arrive to Barcelona 48 hours before the meeting in order to obtain your test results on time.


During the meeting

The meeting dinner has been cancelled following the recommendations of the Health Authorities.
Measures in all the interior areas:
  • It is mandatory to use the mask and rub your hands with hydroalcoholic gel.
  • We will provide a mask and a bottle of hydro-alcoholic get to each participant.
  • A safety distance of 2 meters must be kept between participants.
Reception area:
  • Temperature will be taken at the entrance
  • Only 1 person from the AXA Auditorium will be present at the reception desk.
  • A maximum of 3 members of the BBM+WSLS organization will be present at the registration desk.
  • A maximum of 4 participants will be allowed at the registration desk at the same time.
  • Two queues will be formed in front of the reception desk, with a distance of 4 meters between them and a safety distance of 2 meters between the participants within each line.
  • There will be a safety distance of 1.5 m between the first person in each line and the reception desk.
  • Participants must wait outside the building to get to the reception area.
  • Wardrobe and lockers will not be available.
  • The use of the elevator will be limited to a maximum of 4 meters and will only be allowed for people with special needs and for the transport of goods.
  • The stairs will be designated for one-way traffic: they will be marked with vinyl stickers depending on whether they are used to climb up or down.
  • Safety distance of 1,5m between the first attendant at the row and the reception desk.
  • Attendants should wait at the exterior of the building to get the reception area.
  • Wardrobe and lockers will not be available.
  • Elevator (maximum of 4 people) will be destined only to those people with functional necessities, and transport of goods.
  • Stairs will be sectored: Ones to go up and others to go down (vinyl marks on the floor).
Resting, exhibition and catering areas:
  • Capacity of the 2 resting areas:
    • Foyer: 146 persons (safety surface of 2.5 m2 per person)
    • Sala WIN: 146 persons (safety surface of 2.5 m2 per person)
  • Toilets: A safety distance of 2 meters must be kept
Catering, cleaning and maintenance:
  • Preservation of the safety distance and use of mask and gloves.
  • Treatment of food strictly following the protocols established by health authorities.
  • Reinforcement of cleaning services.
  • Scenario will be disinfected after every session.
  • Shortening of deadlines related to changes in the air conditioning filters.
  • Calibration of air conditioning systems to increase the proportion of outdoor air.
  • Only one entrance and one exit doors will be available (corresponding with the direction of the stairs)
  • Maximum capacity of Platea and Amphitheater: 292 persons, sited in alternate preassigned seats. The non-operative seats will be signalized.
  • Disabled seating area in the Platea: maximum capacity for 8 wheelchairs and maintenance of the safety distance (marked with vinyl stickers on the floor).
  • Maximum of 6 people in the presidential desk. Only the microphones fixed on the table will be used. For questions, please use BBM mobile app.
  • Preservation of the safety distance (2m).